Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pray for Joseph

I keep trying to put a section on this blog that has other blogs on it, but I am clueless. I really want all of you who read this to pray for my friends Gillian and Allen and their son Joseph....I knew them when I was an RUF intern at UT (Tennessee for all of you Texas people). They were students, but more like good friends since we were practically the same age. I especially got to know Gillian pretty well...she is an amazing, awesome person..

Anyway, their 3 yr. old son was diagnosed with a very aggressive, rare brain tumor. They live in Atlanta but are in Memphis right now because Joseph is being treated at St. Judes. It is absolutely heart breaking to hear about what they are going through, and i want to just DO something so badly. The only thing I can do is pray and get more people to pray, so, please pray. The blog with updates and how you can pray specifically is

Thanks friends.


Abby said...

Hey amanda! I knew about Joseph and have tried to keep the Ps in my prayers because all the Nashville people are connected you know. Not really, but I hear things and I knew Allen's sister fairly well in highschool. You however, are someone I never hear about or from! And I can't help but think that you like it that way. Nonetheless, if that is not the case, the way you find someone (me) when they post (because you asked in an earlier post- yeah I just read all your posts) is to click on the blue and then it takes you to their profile and you click on the name of their blog. I am glad to see a little of what is going on in your life. And I am so sorry about what you have been going through with your baby boy. I have a friend who has three out of four of her boys who are all "on the spectrum" that elizabeth may have told you about. she has really great insights and imformation and her oldest is 10 so she has a lot of experience if you need someone who has been where you are. anyway, here is a link to her blog. you may have been there before
Anyway, great to find you way out in cyberspace. :)

Wrights said...

Amanda! So good to hear from you and to catch up on your life a little bit through your blog. I will try to leave you comments whenever I check in on you because I know how much I like to have comments too:) I will pray for you right now with what you all are going through with Daniel. It sounds like God has been leading y'all to who you need to be in touch with regarding his situation and I will continue to pray that He will provide in all the areas you need. Lainey and Daniel are both beautiful, by the way! I hope someday to meet all my friends' children that I have never met. So so good to hear from you my long lost friend!

Reed's mom said...

Hey Amanda!
How fun to hear from you, and see your adorable two little ones! IS it a girl and a boy? We just found out today it's a girl! So we will have one of each! I was shocked, since I was expecting another boy!
But we are so excited to know we'll get to experience girlyness!
Hope you and Alex are doing well. Glad to know you have a blog, so I will add you to my blog reads! And what is your email? I recently came across Elizabeth and Britton's blog--and their 4 girls! So crazy! Hope to hear from you soon.
Take care,

Reed's mom said...

I just read all your posts about your little boy, Daniel. I know that it is all probably so shocking to process. Do you remember when we lived together what my field is---speech therapy. So needless to say, how I've walked that road with so many parents as they too hear that heartbreaking news. Though I don't know you little guy and his abilities, but I can tell you even some of the kiddos I've worked with the autism diagnosis (and not just the PDD ones) still have made some great strides and gains! One little guy I saw last year when I was still working with the preschool here in our county, I still talk to his teacher (she is one of my good friends) and I was in awe at some of the gains he's made this year and from when he began preschool 2 years ago! But I can tell you therapy can help, but so much does depend on how parents follow through with all the things the therapists teach them to do at home! That is so key to the child's success--b/c they need to learn to utilize their skills in all their environments and settings! Ok, I won't go on and on your blog, so please email me if you want to talk more or have any questions--I'd be happy to try and help you any way I can:
I will keep you all in my prayers, I know life probably feels so challenging right now. But the Lord is giving you the strength to press on and be there to love and support your sweet baby boy!

Stephanie said...

I just read the blog about Joseph. So sad.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

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xo mis

Erin said...

hey amanda. so so glad you left a message on our blog. i have often wondered where you are and how you are doing. your kids are beautiful. i am especially interested in your post about daniel...right before i had quinn i got my masters in early intervention (and did a lot of home based therapy with kids 0-3 and behavioral consulting for school aged kids) and have worked a lot with children with autism and pdd-nos and their parents. i am sure you are feeling overwhelmed, but i am thankful you have a diagnosis and some drs. that you trust. i will be praying for you and your family as you begin to wrap your head around all of this. great to hear from you.

Erin said...

oops! i meant to leave you my email in case i can be of any help/support/encouragement to you as you walk down this