Thursday, May 24, 2007

Life Lesson

One of life's earliest lessons should be, "Don't act holier than thou". Because when you do, you are guaranteeing that you will eventually be doing the thing that you were so 'holy' about.

For instance, my husband has been addicted to 'the net' (as he lovingly calls it), for a while now. He has a blackberry aka 'crackberry' (as i unlovingly call it) for work, that he never puts down. Well, not never, but when you are acting holier, you tend to make the offense seem worse than it is. Anyway, he is always emailing and reading blogs. Checking blogs over and over and looking for new blogs to read. I did not understand what in the world could be so fascinating as to turn his attention away from wonderful, holy me. Now I know.

12 hours or so into being an official blogger, I am walking around thinking of potential posts in my head. Is this normal?

It's the end of the world....

My favorite song to sing to my children is not a nursery is REM. Whenever they don't get their way and have a meltdown, I find it amusing to sing to them "it's the end of the world as Lainey knows it, and I feel fine." I feel like I am being a funny, clever mom. I am looking down at them and saying "oh you silly child. If only the world really was all about not getting that candy. If you only knew how trivial that is compared to the rest of life."

And then I realized that God has been singing that song to me my whole life. "Oh silly, dramatic Amanda. Will the world really end if this doesn't happen like you want it to? This is so trivial"

Lainey, my almost 4 yr. old, was talking to my Dad the other day and telling him about all of the exciting events coming up in her life...first there was her ballet recital and then her birthday, and then her friends birthday and then Christmas and then....she thought for a moment... and then heaven. At that point she looked up at my dad and said "Do you think you're going to make it there?"

Now there's some perspective for you.

Here goes nothing...

I am a little amazed that I am actually doing a blog after so many jokes about people being addicted to them. I caved.

Last week I ran into an old friend in the airport. I hadn't kept in touch with her or any of my other friends from that time in my life (RUF at U of Tenn). She began giving me updates on everyone and mentioned facebook. This morning, I dove in, created a profile and began finding people left and right that I have been wanting to catch up with for forever. It was awesome...until I started having questions on what things meant or how to work it. And then I remembered how old I am. And then I realized I am quickly becoming the old person who doesn't know about, or understand, all of those high tech things the youngsters of today use. I am determined to not be that person. So here goes the other attempt to get 'with it'.

Ironically, I don't know whether or not I even want anyone to read this....

Wow, that is a lot of learning about the world wide web for one day...this 31 year old needs to go to bed....