Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm back

Ok, so I am going to get serious about this blog thing...I hope. While I think of something else to write, here is an email I sent a while back that has gotten rave reviews. Sorry to those of you who have already read it...(Of course this is all a vain attempt to make it onto my friend Stephanie's list of "My friend's blogs". She won't put anyone on the list who doesn't actually write on their blog. So, Steph, this one's for you....)

Who knew?

Daniel has learned a very valuable lesson:

Make a big mess, get it all over yourself, and then you get to have your favorite thing...a bath.

But, here is a helpful tip that I have learned. If your child, say your 20 month old son, were to take a bottle of cooking oil and pour it all over your kitchen floor, do not use towels, mop or your normal way of cleaning up a big mess. Pour cornstarch over it. Or, if it was a very big, very full bottle of oil and you don't have enough cornstarch, try flour. (I used self-rising, but I think any kind would work). Your kitchen will then look like a blizzard hit it, but you can then sweep up the mess and then use the mop.

Another tip: If said son were to run all over your hardwood floors (trying to escape your wrath) and get little oil footprints everywhere, you can use a lemon on small spots to cut the oil and then clean it up.

Now, if I can just get that lovely cooking oil smell off of Daniel....Maybe I should roll him in flour...any suggestions?


Stephanie said...

You made it to the sidebar. ;)