Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy 2008!

Hey, I promised something lighter after the previous post, right? Daniel randomly decided to take off his diaper and put Alex's texans hat on backwards and run around the house. Normally, he hates hats. It was pretty funny. (Can you tell that I got a new camera? Maybe I can actually update those profile pictures)

My favorite new year post, though, is my friend hilary's newest post at (Can someone tell me how to do the cool link thing where the person's name is highlighted and you click on it and it goes right to the site?) If you know Hilary, you should definitely check it out....


teri said...

I love blogs!
And now I have one more about adorable kiddos to read!
We have been praying for you guys.

Teri Dobbins

amanda said...

Hi Teri! I am so glad to hear from you have a blog too? I would love to read it. How did you find mine?!? I hope you guys are doing well! I've heard dobbins baby #2 is adorable :).

teri said...

I got to your blogs from Hilary's (it's linked to your name in the comments section)....mine's not linked, but our blog is
I told Justin about your post about Facebook and we both had a good laugh...especially since I had just signed up. You are a great writer!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Ok, I am going to start charging for my tutorials ;)

Go to Hilary's blog and copy the URL.

When you write your post, highlight the word Hilary. While it is still highlighted, there is a little icon at the top of your write post box that looks kind of like sunglasses (graze your mouse over it and it will say Add Link). Click on it and then hit Paste and paste in Hilary's URL.