Sunday, August 5, 2007

I'm going public (and I need a better title)

For some crazy reason, I have only told one friend about this blog...up until now. And that one friend has been a very good reader....she has commented even when I didn't write anything new. I don't know why I have done this. I guess because I don't want to assume that anyone gives a rats a** about what I think about life. And also, I don't want to be vulnerable and say "Hey look at me!"

But all this is about to change...slowly. I am going to start letting people know that I'm here and all of the pressure will be lifted off of sweet Stephanie to think of new and wonderful comments. Not that you have to comment, dear hypothetical friend.

One thing you do have to do, though, is help me come up with a better title. When I first started this, I stupidly forgot the address. So I searched for my title plus the word 'blog'. Apparently many, many people are relying on others to forgive their laziness and assume that if they had just tried, they would have come up with the most amazing title. Well, not me. I am repenting of my laziness and pride in thinking that no title is really good enough...and I am asking for help. Anybody got any suggestions? I thought about something to do with parenthesis (because, have you noticed how I love (love) to put those lovely punctuation marks around everything?). (I don't know why I do that). I tried to think of something very deep and meaningful that would give you a glimpse into the beauty of my soul...but I don't think that exists. All ideas are welcome.


Stephanie said...

I was timid when I started blogging, too. It gets easier.

I'll be thinking about titles.

Cindy said...

Hi Amanda! Found your blog link on Steph's site. I am no help with titles (I had my share of angst in starting and naming a blog as well). If it helps, when I clicked on your link, I thought "that's a clever title"...I assumed it was intentional until I read your post.

I am glad to hear about another person that loves parenthesis. I always thought I had some strange grammar tick that causes me to always want to use them. Glad to hear other people do this too!

julie perry said...

hooray. for some reason i use brackets alot [maybe i'm more square]. my title is the perry family...not much thought there.