Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Grade school all over again.

Has it occurred to anyone else that facebook is a lot like grade school, or even worse, middle or junior high school? I am sure it has ocurred to all of you and you are thinking, "Gosh, amanda, you are not really with it, are you?". But let me analyze for a are not going to comment anyway, so what does it matter (insert guilt trip)?

As I have been doing facebook, I have been wondering, what is the point? Anyone that I communicate with on a somewhat regular basis, I email. Yes, it did help me get in touch with some long lost friends. But after that, then what? I know there are actually lots of other fun uses for facebook, but bear with me for a second. First of all, you have this profile which is all about you and how interesting you are. The other big part of your profile is your list of friends. So you look at people's profiles and you think, "Whoa, Miss Popular has 500 friends. Not surprised." And of course you also look to see who those friends are...anyone I know? anyone super cool? Finally, (and this is the clincher), in order to get friends, you have to send a note to say "Will you be my friend? Check yes or no."

So now, I go to my facebook and I look at all of my pretty friends. And the list grows, and I get more prideful. And then I feel like i really should add some more facts about myself. Maybe I should change my picture to a more flattering one...because someone with this many friends has to look cooler than that. Oh, and don't forget THE WALL. Now there is something that only serves the purpose of proving to the world that I am IMPORTANT. It is like signing a yearbook. And seriously, if you really wanted to communicate, wouldn't you just email?? Why do we write little things for the whole world to see that we could just SAY or WRITE to the person themselves.

I still love it, though. And I do have some pretty cool friends. The book application has a lot of potential if I ever find the time to put books on there.


Madame Rubies said...

For me, there are some benefits. There are some people I prefer to communicate with publically. As a minister's wife, if my communication with them is public, no worries about people talking about my private friendships. There are other people, mostly the teenagers in out youth ministry, that exist solely through Facebook, it seems. LOL! It is a really simple way to enter their world and connect with them.

Stephanie said...

I didn't get the point of Facebook AT ALL until last week. I understand it a little better, but I'm with you. I prefer email.

ajs said...

Hi Heather! I do see the benefits. It is also fun to "see" people I haven't seen in a while. It was kind of ironic, though.... this weekend, I had a really 'cool' friend request, and I had to laugh. I felt like I had added a trophy...and THEY asked ME to be friends. By the way, we should add each other ;). Steph, are you on facebook?