Monday, January 19, 2009


Daniel and I have today off, but lainey doesn't (they are trying to make up for days missed due to the hurricane). I had plans, big plans. I was going to clean, run errands, make phone calls that were overdue, return emails that were sent to me days and days ago....

And then I remembered why I like working these days better than staying home. It is 11 A.M and I have been up since 7. And this is a list of what Daniel has accomplished on his day off:

1. Spill (or rather, wait till mommy is not looking and POUR) a brand new, very full gallon of orange juice all over the hardwood floor. (I know, you are asking, why did you let him have access to the juice?...I didn't and I still have no idea how he got it and how he got the top off)

2. Pour a bowl of popcorn all over the floor. And then run through it, scattering it and crushing it into tiny pieces while mommy tries to clean it.

3. Adamantly request (in no particular order): juice, more juice, popcorn, more popcorn, popsicle, cookie, cheese, eggs, more cheese, more popcorn, more juice, outside, outside, outside, 'ax and uby' (Max and Ruby cartoon), more ax and uby, fix train, shoes on, shoes off, shirt on, shirt off, outside, outside, outside, more popcorn, popsicle, cookie, popsicle, get the picture....I left some out. And by 'adamantly request', I mean that when he doesn't get it, he screams, yells, and tries to find something to break. He has gotten very good at asking for what he wants and is now in the process of figuring out that just because we rejoice over him asking for things, doesn't mean that he always gets it.

So, no honey, the house will not be clean when you get home.

I did get a couple of things accomplished, though. I posted another blog entry! (and got to vent in the process). And I got the details ironed out for Daniel's 23 hr. EEG on Wednesday. So I thought I would let anyone who is interested in praying, know what to pray for...

1. Please pray that they will be able to get the electrodes on with as little stress and trauma as possible (the last time, I had to get on top of him and pin him down with my whole body, which caused screaming until he almost stopped breathing for a minute).

2. Please pray that he will 'forget' that the electrodes are on and that I will be able to distract him for all 23 hours so that he won't screw up the test by trying to pull them off (and for energy and patience for me to be able to do this)

3. Most importantly, please pray that he will have at least one seizure that they can get a clear picture of.... and that the test will give them an accurate picture of what kind of seizures they are, what exactly happens to his brain during them, and how often he is having them.

Thanks friends! Oh, we go in 7:30 a.m. and they start putting the electrodes on at 8am on Wed. We will leave 23 hrs. after they start monitoring him (which will probably be 7:30 am on Thursday at the earliest).


Wright Family said...

Praying for all those specifics. Keep us posted!!! Hope your day turns around:)

Emily said...

vising from missy's blog...and glad I did, so that I can pray for you and Daniel. I dont have any children, but work at a children's hospital and have seen the frustration of the 23 hr EEG. I hope it goes well, and you get the answers you are looking for!
Praying in Dallas-