Tuesday, April 1, 2008

National Autism Day?????

April 2nd is national Autism Day....I think. I was informed of this tonight by my husband as he was getting off of a plane in San Diego. I had no idea. We only had a few seconds to chat (due to children that needed to sleep immediately and real world business that needed to be attended to). But I can only assume that he struck up a conversation on the plane with another passenger whose life has been affected by autism. (By the way, did I mention that my husband is in San Diego because he is a commercial real estate stud...even in this wretched economy we've entered into? No, I didn't? Oh, yeah, that is because I suck at being a good wife....).

ANYWAY, I imagined the conversation that Alex had to gain this information. It could have taken any form...there are so many people who have been 'informed' or affected by autism lately. In a way it is the best of times and the worst of times to have a child inflicted with this disease. There is so much help and hope and yet at the same time there are people who think that because they saw Jenny McCarthy on Oprah they can diagnose your child. (There will be more to come on this in a future post....).

So then I pondered what national Autism day really means to me. There is a lot of uproar right now over the vaccine issue. I could give my personal views on that, but I won't, because I have no clue what I am talking about. So I imagine that a lot of parents are going to seize the day and try to highlight the fact that the powers that be are coming around to the vaccine theory. (Since this is my blog, I will say that it is just FASCINATING what has been happening lately in the news with the whole 'american pediatrics association is starting to realize that they don't know everything' story). And because early intervention is so crucial to recovery in Autism, there will be many who use this day as a way to get information out about the signs of autism. (And if you have been reading my blog, you know that this is also a worthy use of the day as my son is well on his way to being cured due to early intervention). But still, what does it mean for me? There is a whole national day devoted to something that has dominated my life for a while now. Granted, these national days are a dime a dozen, but what should I do?

I have decided to ask my friends to pray. Please pray for Daniel and his friends at school. Please pray for all of the children who are affected by this disease. Please, please, please pray for the marriages of the parents who have children with autism. The statistic on these marriages ending in divorce is ridiculous....even if I don't know the exact number, I can assure you it is way above the national average. Please pray for the siblings of these children...their whole lives are turned upside down and inside out by a disease they don't have. And if you have time (which I am sure you don't, but if you feel moved by my post you can do it anyway) read this wonderful post. http://adventuresinautism.blogspot.com/2007/04/autism-in-gods-economy-least-of-these.html

This post is written by a wonderful Christian woman who is a light in the dark world of autism. Many parents (especially moms) of children with autism read her blog and see Jesus. She has some great tips on how to minister to families with children with autism. And for my sweet friends in Houston, I am not putting this link on here for you to read and then feel like you need to do something for me....you have all already done all she has written and more. You are a shining example of Christ's love physically given to us....you just read it and be encouraged that Jesus is using you. And really, it is one of those things that you read and God uses it to speak to you whether you know someone with autism or not.

So, friends, it is national autism day. Go pray. It is the most powerful thing I can think of to do on such a day as this.